Mooi Lab is a creative pop-up concept for individuals and their friends to try out their inspirations and passions.

Mooi Labs' mission is to provide a space where you can discover your own creative self.  While being a creative myself, I love helping people personalize their "ah-ha" moments.  May it be learning to paint, creating a new dish or cocktail, or trying your own "DIY" inspiration from social media.   

Our motto is " I am the chemist to my own happiness." Being able to make something customized to your tastes and style makes life more beautiful and colorful. We look to have a better understanding of ourselves and the activities and relationships that make us grow into better people.

We all need a space where we can discover, create, redirect, and share a creative experience over food and drink.  Mooi events are held around the city to introduce it's members to the latest fun trends and venues. We've partnered with other creative instructors so that you will never have to go at it alone.


Petrouchka Moise, Founder

Deatra Peoples, Facilitator

In Memory of Kaiya Smith, Facilitator