MOOI membership is absolutely free!!!

By becoming a MOOI member you get first dibs on MOOI pop-up events around town, you get to register or design your own workshops for you and your friends, and get special deals on our MOOI Wears.

So how does this work?

In order to participate in a MOOI event, guests must be a member or be sponsored by a member, or they must sign up to the website's waiting list.

MOOI pop-up events are held around the city to introduce it's members to the latest fun trends and venues.  The event location is announced at lease 1 week prior to the date. It will be around the Baton Rouge area...The location may be a place that you have been wanting to visit or didn't even know that they were here to enjoy.

As of 2017, members can register or design their own MOOI workshops.  Reserved events can be scheduled on available dates between 10 am and end no later than 11pm. If you want to get the jump on our 2017 calendar, contact us now!!!

  • You can choose from any of our workshops. The minimum is 4 people and depending on the type of workshops the maximum varies.
  • We provide the supplies for your event. There is a $50 non refundable deposit fee.  The creative details will be reviewed by your MOOI coordinator to make sure all your bases are covered.
  • Workshops must be booked at least 2 weeks in advance.
  • Once you have completed your MOOI event contract with deposit, we will set up a MOOI event link for you to review and invite your guest.
  • A 4 hour workshop is $50 per person.  We do not want to rush your creativity, but if MOOI staff is required to stay beyond 45 minutes past the scheduled time, then there will be an additional $50 charge.
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