Plan your own MOOI Workshops


Geaux Seaux 

If you want something new and interesting ... come learn a talent that is a money-saver.  The Geaux Seaux  Series is  open to beginners to experienced sewers. The Series is made up of a variety of 3-hour workshops designed to teach you how to make everything from a pillow to a custom sewn dress. We have what you need to create a beautiful keepsake personally made by you!


  • Get to Know your Machine - $50
  • How to Read a Pattern - $50
  • Hem & Zippers - $50
  • Facing & Finishes - $50
  • Sit & Sew Session -$40
  • Sit & Sew by the Hour - $10/hr

Mantra Jewelry

Have you ever started the day being inspired and purposeful by a prayer, an affirmation or a song.  Yet as the day goes by, that mantra has worn thin with the day to day issues. Learn how to keep yourself inspired with your jewelry.  Come join us as we teach you how to  dress your inner voice with bangles,  earrings, and a variety of pieces. 

Spa Creations

Wellness and beauty goes hand in hand, but most of us don't have our great grandmother's bathroom recipes  or the pennies to treat out ourselves to a day spa on a regular. Do you want to learn more about your skin, or are you a spa junkie who got to have the latest facial cream.  Learn how to make your own spa products for yourself  or for gift giving. 

Cigar Inspiration

"Cigar Inspirations" takes a look at the art of cigar selection and pairing as well as cigar accessorizing. In this series you will learn to either design your own cigar box purse build your own humidor, or attend a cigar social where you would get your own personal shopper to help you shop for you or your significant other as you nibble on the latest signature treats.

Path Planner

Have you ever felt stuck with a decision, a project or a goal? Do you ever feel like your purpose, passion or profit is so far out of reach? Pathplanner is a 5-part series that teaches you through laughter and fun activities how to get from where you are to where you want to be. Pathplanner's  will help you lay the foundation needed to face life's challenges with a chuckle.

Design your own party

Coming soon in 2017, Mooi Members will be able to create their own pop-up venue.  Members will have the access to staff to assist in selecting the venue, the planning, setup and execution of their special  event.

artist in progress.jpg

Silk Painting with Petrouchka

Learn how to paint on silk.  Leave the stressors at the door, bring a friend, grab a drink and step into your creative space.  Come and unwind and as we teach you how to make colorful creations on silk with the use of dyes, salt, liquor, and wax. No prior painting or art skills required. All materials will be provided. Bring your favorite snack and imagination.